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© 2013-2020 Elektrik Fantasy is an ElektrikEventz inception
Bespoke Site Creation :


  • ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE-USE PLASTICS: bottles, bags, cups, straws, containers, utensils, glitter/confetti (microplastics), beads, or styrofoam

  • NO Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans

  • NO Air Horns/Bull horns

  • NO Audio Recording Devices, Video Cameras

  • NO Bicycles, Skates, Scooters or Skateboards inside the festival grounds

  • NO Chairs or Coolers

  • NO Detachable Lens or Mirrorless Cameras (if you're not approved Media, or it doesn't fit in your hip/fanny pack, don't bring it)

  • NO Drones or Remote Control Aircraft, Cars or Toys

  • NO illegal Drugs or Paraphernalia (If you have a prescription of any kind, bring the script show I.D.)

  • NO Fireworks, Explosives, Sparklers or Road Flares

  • NO Gum (yeah, it's plastic)

  • NO Flyers, Samples, Giveaways or Promotional Items

  • NO Glow Sticks (plastic)

  • NO Weapons (Guns, Ammunition, Tasers, Pepper Spray, Knives, Sharp Objects or Mace)

  • NO Large Purses, handbags, backpacks

  • NO Hoverboards or Segways

  • NO Kites or Sky Lanterns

  • NO Disposable/Single-Use Minis/Cig-a-likes

  • NO Laser Pointers

  • NO Massagers

  • NO Outside Food or Beverage

  • NO Body Shaming, Bigots, Haters

  • NO Pets or Other Animals

  • NO Selfie Sticks, Tripods or Narcissists

  • NO Sharpies, Markers or Paint Pens

  • NO Baloons

  • NO Tarps, Tents or Sleeping Bags

  • NO Toy Guns, Water Guns or Sling Shots

  • NO Umbrellas (YES to parasols)

  • NO Native American Headdresses (Unless this is your proven Tribe/Ancestry, you must present documentation)

  • YES Hip/Fanny Packs (>10" length x 7" deep x 5" wide, subject to search)

  • YES Metal Water Bottles/canteens (Empty, Reusable, NON-PLASTIC, >40oz)

  • YES Totems

  • YES Hula Hoops, Flow Arts (NO fire unless you are a credentialed performer)

  • YES LED gloves

  • YES Instruments (Tambourines, Small Bongos, and YES more cowbell)

  • YES Blankets (Small) & Beach Towels

  • YES Cameras (point-n-shoot digital) and GoPros (must fit in your hip/fanny pack)

  • YES Chapstick and Lip Balm

  • YES Sealed/Unopened Cigarettes and Lighters

  • YES Common Sense, Courtesy, Respect for Others

  • YES Barefoot or toe thongs for Undergrounding

  • YES E-Cigs, Vape Pens (Mid-Sized), Vape Mods (must be filled, NO Vape Juice bottles)

  • YES Hydration Packs, i.e. CamelBaks (small, Empty)

  • YES Ear Plugs

  • YES Hand Sanitizer and Baby Wipes

  • YES Hats & cool dome-wear

  • YES Misters (Empty)

  • YES Mobile Phones and Portable Chargers (if you forget yours, we have solar power packs for sale)

  • YES Parasols

  • YES Flags

  • YES Smiles

  • YES Sunblock (Non-Aerosol)

  • YES Sunglasses (NO thowin' shade)

  • YES Malas, Prayer Beads, Crystals (Not Plastic)

  • YES Open Hearts, Open Minds, Fabulosity, Originality, Spirituality, Gay, Straight, Trans, Drag, Butch, Binary, Gender Neutral, Bisexual, Queens, Kings, Acceptance, LOVE

Possessing pretty much anything on the NO list could get you escorted out of the festival (or worse: arrested), no explanation, no re-entry, no refunds.

So, if you don't want that to happen

(or you don't want your things taken from you)

don't even think about bringing it in.