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What's with all the Waiting and Secrecy?

Elektrik Fantasy IV tickets went on sale in 2016, but we didn't reveal anything else for a long time. Or did we...?

For almost 2 years we've been telling you to #BelieveinFantasy without really divulging any artists, performers, amenities, or even a location. Not something you're used to, we know. Who does that? Exactly - no one. That's the point. Elektrik Fantasy is about #change; and why not begin with Lesson 1: Changing our priorities?

You might have thought, "they obviously don't know anything about promotion," or maybe even, "this festival is bogus. It's not happening," but trust, there is a method to our madness. Think about it: Have we really been leaving you in the dark? Or have we actually been putting tons of info out there for you - the most important info:

The Cause.

We already gave you the key reason to buy a ticket. We've even told you exactly how to get free tickets. The theme, the costumes, the $2K prize, the lineup, the amenities and location are just bonuses in the collective experience of making a difference and giving back.

Lesson 2 was about Community.

Some of us remember the beginnings of Underground Dance Culture, when social media consisted of handmade flyers passed out by people, whispers in the corners of the dance floor about an upcoming Rave at a secret location, the literal scavenger hunt for information on the next life-changing party. You didn't care who was playing, but you couldn't wait to hear about it, spread the word, and be a part of it. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people showed up to these secret raves, in the name of the Music and the experience. This was how the Community came together and birthed a global subculture.

It's why we encouraged so much sharing when it came to our promotion.

This was a pretty rad experiment. Those who showed us they believed in the cause, or even if they just believed they'd have a good time no matter who played, were rewarded well: they got in free or paid next to nothing for their tickets and even got free merch, while those who choose to wait for "big names" will simply give more to the cause.

In order for genuine change to occur,

we have to get our priorities in order.

Change begins with choice, and is completed with action. It goes further than just sharing a post about things you want to see changed, clicking "like" on posts about change, sporting a "spiritual gangster" shirt or flooding your feed with inspirational quotes; it takes bravery, and bravery is measured in action. Even the smallest of actions can be brave.

Let these lessons lead you to prioritize better; bring a reusable mug to Starbuck's, refuse that straw with your cocktail, use a #reusablebag at the grocery store, join a #beachcleanup, get your costume in order and buy a ticket to Elektrik Fantasy IV for yourself, then buy one for a friend. By prioritizing the Earth, you're actually prioritizing yourself.

So, whether you showed support early or choose to wait, we're grateful for you. We're betting you're going to have a great experience. We're also willing to bet that after this year's experience none of you will be waiting as long to by your Elektrik Fantasy V tickets next year....



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