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We're just a couple of Gen X-ers, a veteran DJ/Producer and his Dancing Queen, who grew up in the 80's & 90's Northeast Coast Underground and Rave scene who love our planet home.


We've known each other for over 30 years, but 8 years ago we became partners in Business and in Life and decided to use our experiences to host gatherings that blended new school ideas with old school values; we guess you cold say we created the vibe we wanted to be a part of. Through these past 7 years (and hundreds of parties) it's turned out to be a vibe that many others wanted to be a part of, too, and that's what keeps our hearts dancing.


On 1.11.19 we got married, and one of our goals as a united Family is to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We live & breathe the Music, we strive to be the ultimate hosts and we share a relentless work ethic in all we set out to achieve. Our story is a pretty great one, but we want the focus to remain on our cause: uniting people as One Tribe on our dance floor to give back to the only dance floor that matters: our Home Planet.


Because we love our Mama Earth, and want to keep Her healthy for our kickass daughters (and their mini-me's). This isn't about popularity or profit - we aren't driven by the fleeting things that other promoters prioritize, often at the expense of our environment. This is about Legacy.  We are truly blessed to have the support of our family, friends and fans, as we continue our amazing journey to make our world a healthier place.


We are Earic and Erika (yeah, yeah, we know), passionate & unfiltered co-founders at ElektrikEventz and passionate purveyors of Conscious Dance Culture™ since 2013.

Elektrik Fantasy, born that same year, is our baby.

You should definitely come see how much she's grown.



Music is the Answer,




















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