in case of #covidbeats

  We know all of you are MORE THAN READY to unite once again on the dance floor, but even when fall arrives, we may very well find ourselves still living in a pandemic world. We want you to know that our guests, staff and artists' health and safety is equally as important to us as our cause.


Rest assured we will be working closely with the city, local health officials and our own health and safety experts and that we continually reference CDC guidelines as we move closer to Elektrik Fantasy's Halloween 2020 South Florida debut.

As things stand now (June 1, 2020), we are preparing procedures:

  • to limit capacity and follow social distancing guidelines throughout the festival grounds (yes, we may decide to cap attendance)

  • to Increase our cleaning and disinfection procedures, and will be working with our partners to utilize the most earth-friendly products on all high touch surfaces

  • to implement temperature checks for guests, staff, artists, vendors, volunteers and media (ANYONE working or entering the festival)

  • to stock both our website store (opening soon) and festival merchandise stands with protective (and very Fantasy) face coverings/masks

  • to implement 100% cash-free transactions for purchasing food, drinks and merchandise utilizing innovative digital wristbands and/or various smartphone apps such as Google/Apple/Samsung Pay platforms

With regards to allowing Fantasyzers to bring their own reusable bottle/canteen (BYOBottle), discussions will take place with the city and our partners on the best way to move forward, including possibly establishing bottle/canteen sanitizing stations to be placed at festival entrance, all hydration stations and bars throughout Fantasy grounds, among other sanitation precautions.

In the meantime, stay SAFE and stay informed! Sign up to always be in-the-know.

We want you to be infected by the music and the cause - not the 'Rona!


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