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social and environmental change on our



Without healthy oceans, what would we have?

For starters we would have sick marine life, dying ecosystems, unsafe waters and beaches, more intense storms, no vacations along the coast, no swimming or surfing, no tourism, and eating seafood would be dangerous to our health.

We're actually living in that reality now.

Especially here in South Florida:

Number 1 in line for the chopping block

when it comes to climate impact.







Since our move from the Emerald Coast in 2016 we've lead with a 100% #earthfirst mission. We wanted to make a significant impact and we believed we couldn't do it alone, so we sought out to join forces with the right environmental partner to receive proceeds. We swam diligently through an entire 'ocean' of environmental nonprofits here in Florida, even tried several on for size, but none seemed to share our vision or core principles; they just didn't quite "fit."

As with any relationship, we learn what it is we truly need through spending some time and effort, and because we weren't able to find an entity that shared in our dual mission of social and environmental consciousness,

we decided to establish





The Fantasy Foundation is the answer to the question:

What if there was an NPO that supported both social *and* environmental change, that didn't operate like a for-profit business, went beyond the archaic template of 'awareness, education and cleanups' and actually addressed one of the most dangerous impacts on our Oceans?

While those few things have been invaluable in the initial forward motion towards positive change,

they are just that - initial, first steps, a beginning. Honestly, should we still be standing at the starting line, talking?  We are already losing this race. Our world and communities need action and solutions, innovation and imagination, not another band-aid on the bullet wound.

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With Elektrik Fantasy's #rethinkfestivalimpact  movement we are creating an authentic Conservation Conversation, uniting roots Dance Music, Art, Fashion and Imagination that will resonate throughout South Florida and around the world. We aim to shake up the music festival landscape, encourage and inspire more sustainable practices in both event production and in day-to-day life through our united voices within the largest, most loyal global community:

Underground Dance Culture.

A conscious humanity

With our #ConsciousDanceCulture #Groovement we are utilizing the dance floor to incite change on a social level that will ripple throughout the world.

Elektrik Fantasy is proud to be the first
100% single-use plastics-free + vegan gathering
that supports both social
and environmental change on
the only dance floor that matters:


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