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Elektrik Fantasy is not just the first sustainable underground dance music festival and masquerave,

it's also a social + environmental benefit.


Our renewed mission is built on Conscious Dance Culture, Planet Over Profit,

Playing it IVward



the GiveBack.


Festival proceeds will support individuals, entities and NPOs in alignment with our mission of social and environmental change through

our newly established foundation.


This is about



A beautiful young soul whose parents have been long-time friends of the Family once said

"Unity is strength. Where there is teamwork and collaboration,

wonderful things can be achieved."

-Mattie Stepanek

But the quote we make it a point to live by is

"Individually, we are one drop.

Together, we are an ocean."

- Ryonosuke Satoro

The benefits of supporting Elektrik Fantasy will far exceed proceeds.

The festival will be broadcast and streamed LIVE around the world,

with a projected 2M+ in engagement.

++ PLUS ++

The difference we make together won't just last one day; the relationships we cultivate now will become the partnerships that grow with us for years to come

creating one of the most powerful conservation legacies.

believe in Fantasy

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