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"everyone that is dreaming of a parable, of using the genre of Fantasy to tell the stories about the things that are real in the world today, you can do it.

this is a door. kick it open and come in."


- guillermo del toro,

accepting the oscar for best picture

"the shape of water"


It's pretty obvious we're in the chaotic midst of a paradigm shift. Everywhere we turn, it seems we're surrounded by duality, disconnection, inhumanity and darkness, with society screaming for social and environmental Change as "natural" disasters occur more frequently, and on a diabolical scale. We are face to face with the reality of our decisions: our mindless over-consumption and polarized mindset are diminishing our humanity and destroying our home planet, but many of us are waking up to realize that we have been conditioned to believe our differences separate us, that our happiness lies outside ourselves in "possessions," one of them being the Earth, and we have taken whatever we want from Her and left our trash anywhere we please.

We need Fantasy to take us away from this reality.

Elektrik Fantasy uses music and imagination to awaken, re-connect and elevate.

The only things we truly own are our choices. We can choose ignorance or we can choose change.  At Elektrik Fantasy it doesn't matter which you choose, because whether you just want to escape reality or help change it, both are a guarantee.

Change doesn't always have to be hard; it shouldn't feel like a punishment. Giving back doesn't always need to feel like a burden, and it definitely shouldn't make us feel guilt or shame, either. Doing good makes us feel good. Dancing makes us feel good. It's proven science. Put them together with a themed masqueRave, that 4-on-the-floor ancestral heartbeat laid down by great artists, add some awesome amenities, healthy food, a tropical oceanside setting ensconced in good vibes and the whole world wins.

This is ELEKTRIK Fantasy.

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