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elektrik fantasy Bridges underground dance culture with conscious social and environmental change through expressive arts, music and imagination.


but it isn't something that happened overnight.


Since Elektrik Fantasy's inception in 2013, one of our goals was always to create an uninhibited and unrestrained festival entity, free to grow and flourish in all directions.  Even though we experienced positive growth in those three years along the Gulf Coast, we encountered our fair share of confinements, but now that we are in South Florida, the potential is fathomless and we are perfectly poised to provide marvelous experiences year after year while facilitating social and environmental change.  In an era where greenwashing is becoming a lucrative trend among U.S. festival brands, we genuinely challenge conventional festival practices and raise the bar by incorporating traditional offerings and integrating them with sustainable elements, innovation, imagination and a whole lot of Love.  


Led by passionate Founders and an amazing support system which includes both local and international artists, performers, vendors, green sector and environmental partners plus thousands of fans who share our passion for the music, plus the millions around the world who want to live on a cleaner and healthier planet, we aim to inspire our current and future Fantasyzers around the globe with magickal experiences that encourage creativity and self-expression while showcasing how the sustainable and the spectacular can go hand-in-hand, ensuring a conscious connection to self, others and Nature for positive change year-round.

In 2022, after postponing over and over again due to reasons well beyond our control, we will celebrate this milestone in our evolution with some of our biggest and boldest moves to date. Join us and #ExperienceFantasy.

Our Commitment to the Cause

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a percentage of each ticket, t-shirt and other merchandise goes towards A cleaner, healthier, more connected and plastic-free world.

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In 2016 we made the decision

to become a

nonprofit festival

and in 2018 we made it official. 

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we have been working closely with our eco-partners to ensure that elektrik fantasy is


no single use plastics

all our vendors will be utilizing plant-based/biodegradable bags, straws, containers, utensils and even glitter.

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while we will have our fantasy green team assisting in keeping our fantasy island pristine, and there will be clearly labeled waste receptacles.

we have a firm



that all fantasyzers must abide by.


for our 

terms & conditions

click here

for our what's allowed list

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