​"If you build it, they will come."



There was a need for something different in an area rich with dance music fans, but not-so-rich with venues or events playing the music the world was dancing to. What started off as a fresh alternative to the average Halloween party shenanigans along the Emerald Coast, with a small budget, all-locals lineup, some fly go-go dancers, a few fire troupes and just over 600 costumed dancing souls at a beachfront venue that was only known for its cover bands and wet t-shirt contests, Elektrik Fantasy launched a legacy with a heartbeat. Thousands have since danced with us in just 3 short years.

Enjoy some Fantasy highlights - click the slideshow!



After our big Family move to South Florida, we immersed ourselves in the eclectic underground scene, dancing till dawn and spending our days at the beach. But as living-the-dream as it seemed, it didn't take long to pick up on some things: SoFlo has a serious greed and plastic problem. Boatloads of money flow into hotels, restaurants, clubs, parties and festivals, but only plastic pollution washes out. Where was the awareness, the consciousness? Someone should do something. Something DIFFERENT.

​The message was clear. Fantasy had to stand out and make an impact. It had to be about connection, unity, something more substantial, and it had to flow rich with the underground spirit, cultural and environmental diversity that made South Florida the magickal place it is. It needed to be an environmental partnership and global #giveback wrapped in the shiny package of an underground masquerave, connecting decadently costumed souls dancing on the sand to the most luscious underground sounds, surrounded by Nature's 4 elements, broadcast and streamed live around the world to hundreds of thousands more, delivering an epic experience and global message of positive change and unity through the music and the vibe.


Elektrik Fantasy IV will marry electronic dance with Nature conservation, sustainability and social consciousness in a way never before dared along the South East Coast, let alone in North America or the world. We know the challenges and risks involved in introducing something new, in particular the work involved in even attempting to incite social change, which is why from the very beginning of EF IV planning in 2016 we made sure our main focus was the Conservation Conversation.  We believe that utilizing our unique production and its past proven success for a cause (instead of for profit) and presenting an unforgettable all-5-senses experience with the addition of healthy gourmet food, artistic installations, sustainable production, interactive wellness activities, featuring the best Flocal artists and flavors plus a few Legends of Dance supported by local talent,  Elektrik Fantasy will be the festival that actually delivers on its promise to reconnect us to Nature and each other on a conscious level and reunite us with our true roles as caretakers of our planet - and we'll all have an epic time doing it.


Because every ticket is a GIVEBACK to our Earth and to Humanity; proceeds benefit social and environmental change right here in our beloved sunshine state and beyond, and thanks to our eco partners locally, nationally and internationally we are making sure that Elektrik Fantasy IV will be 100% ZERO SINGLE-USE PLASTICS (bottles, straws, bags, glitter, food containers and utensils) and that we leave the smallest of footprints.

Because it's #TimeIVchange.

Our delicate peninsula that is Florida (and the world) could use a whole lot of it right now.

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