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A B R A C A D A B R A Virtual Festival! W/ BLOND:ISH, ByeBye Plastic Foundation + Our Co-Founders

Join us this Friday for an entire weekend global live stream filled with sweet grooves and panel discussions on sustainability in the underground dance music community with ElektrikEventz Co-founders and Elektrik Fantasy Directors, Earic + Erika Patten.

ByeBye Plastic Foundation sprung from the eco-warrior heart of one of our favorite Ladies of the Underground, Vivie-Ann Bakos of BLOND:ISH just a few years ago, and since then she has been on a mission to flip the script and rid the electronic dance music industry of single-use plastics by 2025.

Along the same timeline, our ElektrikEventz Bosses made the move to South Florida, and after immersing themselves in the scene, dancing on plastic cups and bottles at every single party and festival, made the decision that their flagship underground masquerave Elektrik Fantasy would debut its 4th production as a sustainable single-use plastics-free music festival benefit for our Planet Home. It was only a matter of time before these 3 connected (at an awesome but NOT-SO single-use plastics-free party in Wynwood during MMW in 2019) and enjoyed a magickal discussion about their aligned missions.

As a world renowned artist, Vivie-Ann has utilized the spotlight to promote her cause, while as experiential event producers and social entrepreneurs, Earic and Erika operated from the background, keeping the focus away from themselves and onto Elektrik Fantasy's Conscious Dance Culture Groovement and sustainable underground mission.

From Earic + Erika:
"The scene has gone through many changes in the past 3 decades we've been a part of it, but in this last decade we noticed a shift in priorities from the WHY to the WHO; we want to bring the priority back to the WHY - WHY we gather, WHY we dance, which was one of the foundations that birthed the Underground - not WHO is on the lineup or WHO is throwing the party. Our priorities as a society have gotten pretty twisted outside the realm of dance culture, too. We've lost connection with our planet, with Nature, each other, ourselves, our own WHY and purpose, prioritizing material things, popularity, money, status. Look at all that's going on around us - and within us - in this very moment, and tell me our priorities don't need rearranging.
In a bit of a social experiment we wanted to see if we could realign peoples' priorities, or at least attract the kinds of people whose priorities are already in alignment, which is the reason we haven't announced a lineup or location yet [for Elektrik Fantasy IV], and the reason we've remained mostly in the background; the cause is the priority, not big name artists or the spot, and certainly not who WE are. We lead with the WHY, and our social experiment has worked pretty well so far, many people have been drawn by that alone."

Two of those people were Vivie-Ann and her partner and co-founder at BBPF, Camille Guitteau, and they felt it was time that people got to know the who behind the why.

We hope you all will tune in to the Virtual Festival and live panel discussions this weekend as our fearless leaders step into the spotlight for the very first time to discuss their mission with Elektrik Fantasy Festival, address the sustainability issues facing the realm of dance culture both locally and globally, and how we can unite through the music to incite authentic social and environmental change in the scene and beyond.


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