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Another Year. Another Outbreak. Another Pause.

2 Postponements in a row. Will it ever be possible to #BelieveinFantasy again after so many setbacks?


In 2016 we started the #conservationconversation in the music festival realm and began our crusade to bring our sustainable 100% single-use plastics-free underground music festival & masqueRave benefit to South Florida - and the world. All in the name of social and environmental Change.

Fast IVward to NOW.

After several years of sticking to our guns, choosing not to partner with nonreciprocal nonprofits, losing our green banking partner to a sudden takeover, moving our festival out of a city more concerned with bigger high-rises and hosting multi-million dollar greenwashing festivals that leave tons of plastic trash in their wake than sea level rise literally flooding its streets, and now 2 consecutive years of a pandemic.... will Elektrik Fantasy EVER happen?


Because WE believe, and our Planet Home needs it to happen.

See you all in 2022.

In the meantime, please stay healthy and grounded.

And consider giving back to Mama Earth by donating to The Fantasy Foundation.



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