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Bye-Bye Summer Festival Season

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hello Fall...

Coachella, EDC, SXSW, TommorrowLand, even legendary spring events Winter Music Conference and its piggy-backers Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week, all the way down to every single party in Miami this March through who knows when: GONE. Just when we were all ready for summer music festival season, 3 months rent spent on tickets, travel and hotels.... just like that, a pandemic breaks out around the world and potentially delivers a $5 Billion loss blow to the music industry machine in just under a week.

Yikes. Faithful festival goers are PISSED. So are the artists, vendors and behind-the-scenes workers (many of them freelance and solely dependent on these events to feed their families) who won't see any income all summer.

But there is 'someone' benefiting from all this:

Mother Earth.

Billions of tons of trash + billions of tons of C02 emissions have been canceled, too. With events nixed, travel bans popping up worldwide and billions of us self-quarantined to our homes, She can breathe a little without all the plastic waste and greenhouse gases that go hand-in-hand with them - even marine and wildlife is reemerging in areas where people once clogged the streets. Temporarily at least, but that's something. And we believe that something just might lead to an even bigger something.

While Summer festivals might be gone, there's always FALL....

So, when all of this is over and we can finally reunite on the dance floor TOGETHER...

Elektrik Fantasy will be right here to welcome you.

Still 100% plastic-free.

Still a MasqueRave benefit for our environment.

And still only $25

- we've extended our GA ticket pricing through June 1st. Because you've spent enough money on events that you believed in.
It's time to believe in one that believes in YOU, restoring our SoFlocal economy and doing right by our Planet Home.

Change our reality.



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