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Farewell, Miami...

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We must go where the positive energy flows.

Since the announcement of our alternate 2019 date due to the unforeseen and very unexpected acquisition of our primary Festival Partner last year, we have been working hard to expand on our mission and present an unparalleled and positive festival experience through new partnerships and collaborations that align with our culture in the name of Change. In that time, we have also witnessed so much controversy in the music festival world regarding sustainability and environmental impact, as well as the unfortunate greenwashing and corruption that has flooded our feeds, specifically right here in our own backyard.

As the news headlines bombarded us with the escalating drama surrounding Ultra Music Festival, we at first saw a possible springboard for the real and much-needed public discussion of festival sustainability and environmental awareness in a city that unarguably stands Number 1 in line for the chopping block with regards to climate change impact. But the headlines quickly took a nose dive into festival location “ownership,” numerous lawsuits, protests, unpaid vendors, greed and political corruption.

Blinded by our lifelong romanticism with the Magic City, we admittedly drank the Kool-Aid, believing that Miami would no doubt “come to its senses” and realize that it was time for change. One particular article by Miami New Times came just after Ultra's hasty debut on Virginia Key and their announcement they were breaking ties with Miami and finalizing a contract to move to a new location that "shined far above the others." The article so intelligently allured that if Ultra was allowed to move elsewhere it may have opened the doors for something new to grow, something more sustainable and more in line with the genuine trajectory of Miami, its economic needs, its community and the environment – its fragile future.

The piece moved us so much that we felt the need to speak up on Instagram. The post got more attention than we expected, and within a few days we were approached with an amazing opportunity....

Apparently other South Florida cities had been paying close attention and expressed a genuine interest in our mission, and in hosting our unique music festival.

At the time we were already so invested in our tragic love affair that we believed – despite all the controversy - that Miami was where we needed to be in order to make the most impact; besides, that’s “where everybody goes.” The universe delivered the reality check we needed, and we realized that we had lost sight of our own originality:

doing what everyone else does is not what we do. It’s not Elektrik Fantasy.

Cue the most recent headlines reporting on political "pocket-lining,” corruption with city officials discounting past city fees owed and changing the rules to suit Ultra returning despite logistics, lack of sustainability and the vast outcry of the community and environmental activists. This, combined with an overall lack of interest by many local businesses, nonprofits and vendors to unite in building something new, tells the very real story that long-term positive change just doesn't hold as much weight in the Magic City as the immediate payday - future consequences be damned.

We take full ownership in our idealistic belief that #MIAMICANDOBETTER, but ultimately she has shown us that she just doesn’t really want to.

So, rather than waste our energy on “fighting the old,” we choose the opportunity to build the new. Make no mistake, we will always hold a special love in our hearts for the Magic City, and we harbor no ill will towards Ultra - it just happened to be the mega catalyst that brought Miami's true nature to light - but we must forge ahead in the best interest of our cause and the integrity of our vision....

Elektrik Fantasy IV will be moving from the currently planned Miami date to a new date and location elsewhere in South Florida;

one that more openly embraces change, better aligns with our core mission of #PlanetOverProfit and that values the opportunity to become the home of an annual forward-thinking music festival that facilitates positive green and economic growth, engages the community in a sustainable future and gives back to our Planet Home.

Our current partners, collaborators and headlining artists are very excited about this opportunity and have all agreed that this is the righteous decision.

We do apologize for the extended interruption in our anticipated debut; however, let it be known that we are motivated by something much bigger than ourselves and determined to remain focused on our collective purpose to make a difference in the world.

We know this may not resonate with some - change isn’t for everyone, and our journey has been a testament to it most certainly not being the “easy road,”

but that will never stop change from happening.

All current Fantasyzers holding regularly-priced GA tickets have been notified via email with their choice of refund or upgrade to Full Frontal Fantasy VIP for the newly rescheduled date in 2020. As we navigate through the moving process, ticket sales will remain open but only on the festival website and they will be honored on the new date, along with a special gift for those who show they truly believe in our cause.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ “The secret to Change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

We look forward to building the New with all of you. We remain continually grateful for your patience and understanding, and for your continued support. Thank you for believing.

Music is the Answer,

at Elektrik Eventz and Elektrik Fantasy Festival



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