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Road 2 Fantasy: Pop-up Clean-ups

While most festivals just come and go, and you don't ever see any life on their socials or site until it's time to promote those ticket sales and payment plans, Elektrik Fantasy operates a little differently. We care about our fans, guests and our cause year-round.

Because doing good once a year isn't how we achieve long-term change. Our goal is to make doing good a regular part of our lives, ingrain it into our DNA. Besides, our cleanups are pretty fun, and you can bring the mini-me's so they can learn to be awesome caretakers of our planet and experience positive underground dance culture, too.

Cleaning up the beach has many rewards besides doing good - we throw in a little "after party" at one of our partnering spots so you can enjoy some eats & bevvies, and of course some quality IV on the Floor. We love to give away tickets to Elektrik Fantasy, and merch too, so if you show up to clean up, you're entered to win that day.

There's a ton of feel good with the do good.

Some of our Road 2 Fantasy Clean-up partners include:

  • emrg: Elektrik Metro Radio Global

  • EMA Global - Electronic Music Alliance

  • Cozmik Photography LLC

  • more TBA

Want to partner with us or be the first to know when we're hosting a pop-up clean-up? Drop us an email:

elektrikfantasy (at) elektrikeventz (dot) com
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