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Why Elektrik Fantasy decided to be the Festival to walk the walk

Simply put: because we saw no one else really was, and Miami is literally ground zero. Starting the Conservation Conversation is just the tip of the iceberg. If we were genuinely going to re-brand Elektrik Fantasy into a sustainable festival and a giveback to our environment, we couldn't fake the funk. Miami (our backyard), and our Planet Home is worth the effort.

And humanity is worth the effort, too. After all, the Earth will be just fine - it's us humans who won't be. WE are really our own exterminators in all this. Our instant gratification, consumerism and throw-away lifestyles put us on the chopping block; we're literally setting ourselves up for our own extinction. Ever hear the terms "Climate Refugee" or "Environmental Migrant?" Well, these Frankenstorm hurricanes that keep getting worse will add South Floridians under those terms according to many studies.

Check the ticker: Climate Change is doing a lot more than just throwing harder storms at us.

Our friends at Years of Living Dangerously tell an interesting story in Climate Wars and if you really love being immersed in a documentary, The Age of Consequences will lock your jaw open.

But let's take it back a bit; while sure, we would love to light a fire under all of Humanity with just one festival production, our focus begins locally. And where better than #UnderGroundZero, Miami.

So, in actuality, Elektrik Fantasy is about saving OUR lives. And having an epic time doing it.



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