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an invitation

to our home planet's



underground artists


On behalf of our current partners which include A Greener Festival, ECO-Products®, The FantaSea Foundation and our extended family at Electronic Music Alliance, we extend to you this exclusive invitation to perform a very special #PlayitIVward set at Elektrik Fantasy IV

in the name of the only dance floor that matters.

our planet home.

We at ElektrikEventz have been a part of Underground Dance Culture since the 80's. Since our inception in 2013, we have been steadily growing, producing original, all-inclusive Conscious Dance Culture gatherings along the East and Gulf Coasts with live broadcasts via our global radio station emrg: Elektrik Metro Radio Global currently in 68 countries with 100k listeners worldwide, and in fall 2022, after years of planning and pausing due to a global pandemic, we are bringing our flagship #FloGrown underground electronic music festival, now in its 4th year, to its new home in South Florida.

What started off as an idea to provide a fresh alternative to the average Halloween party shenanigans along the Emerald Coast a few years ago, with just over 600 amazing guests, has now evolved into something so much more substantial: an environmental partnership and global giveback wrapped in the shiny package of in a sunshine-to-moonlight magickal atmosphere of Unity and Imagination, fueled by sound and visuals that will elevate your consciousness, reignite your passion for Life and reconnect you with Gaia as you reunite with Mother Ocean at an island masquerave filled with decadently costumed souls undergrounding to the most luscious house & techno, surrounded by Nature's 4 elements, and it will be broadcast and streamed live around the world.

You've PLAYed countless events and festivals that

contribute to poisoning the earth, its animals & people.

WE INVITE YOU play one that helps heal it.

As many of you are known philanthropic artists, you know that we are experiencing the greatest Shift of our time; away from greed, consumption and separatism to mindfulness, sustainability and unity. The global demand by dance music fans for more substance and consciousness in their music and the festivals they attend is growing quickly; priorities are shifting and we as event producers and artists must do our part. Over the past 5+ years we have been working feverishly to bring a ”new" FloGrown music festival to South Florida, a region rich with beautiful diverse cultures, dance music history, fans and some of the world’s most beautiful and precious ecology - all of which are in dire need for us to WAKE UP & TAKE ACTION.


South Florida is the #1 vacation destination in the world

and it's also #1 on the chopping block

FOR climate IMPACT. 

Toxic algae in our waters, Frankenstorm hurricanes, sea level rise and wildlife extinction are all a result of our dependency on fossil fuels, our throwaway mentality, over-consumption, greed  and destructive conditioning to single-use plastics.

Elektrik Fantasy IV is a 100% single-use plastics-free music festival benefit

that will facilitate positive social and environmental change

As ElektrikEventz, producers of Elektrik Fantasy and purveyors of Conscious Dance Culture™,

we know this is the platform where we - united together - can bring awareness

and facilitate authentic Change through the Music.

Music festivals for pure profit that leave tons of pollution in their wake are on borrowed time. And they know it.

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It's Catching on...

Since we first initiated the Conservation Conversation back in 2016, the rise in 'environmental concern' by festival brands here in Miami has been evident; however, it is in the end production where we see the true intention and not the greenwash promotion by promoters or their PR firms. We've watched as individual South Florida cities, beach towns and communities have adopted the use of paper straws over plastic straws, yet their bars, restaurants, nightclubs - even the music festivals that scream how "green"they are - still serve up the plastic cups, to-go containers, utensils and plastic bottles of water.  

​We hold our breaths as we witness the more established festivals state their intentions of 'going green', making varied adjustments such as #noplasticstraws, or recycle coins, or bring-your-own-refillable-bottle, and of course the entry level standard #leavenotrace policy, etc. But because these festival brands are established, with big money beverage sponsors who are proven top plastic polluters of our world, implementation of more sustainable practices becomes a slow and tedious transition over time; perhaps too little, too late - but as long as they get people to buy tickets by greenwashing their production & doing the bare minimum, they "look good."

And although we already have a few years under our belt, we are still fresh enough to stand at the precipice of Change and successfully implement the sustainable practices the other festivals cannot simply by cultivating partnerships with the right companies and entities.

But in this vast ocean of festivals, artists and underground media

real change is happening

Even Resident Advisor has taken up the underground topic of electronic music festivals and their role in climate change impact. Read the article and watch the mini-doc here.

And we absolutely stand with and support other entities' campaigns like #plasticfreedjbooth, #rethinkplastic and #ecorider on social media, and all the amazing underground artists that have jumped on board and vowed to ban single-use plastics from their DJ booths at every gig - but when we see evidence to the contrary and their continued use of plastics at every gig on their own feeds, how does this affect any Change? It doesn't. It's all for show.

Rest assured Elektrik Fantasy is the first of its kind: an underground music festival and MasqueRave that practices sustainability (zero single-use plastics, sustainable vendors and vegan offerings), blending organic and electronic in a way never before experienced in North America while actually giving back to our Planet Home. From our partners to our vendors, visual artists and performers, we have ensured that we only work with like-minds to create a festival where Underground Dance Culture truly meets Sustainability. Our vibe appeals to conscious connoisseurs of quality intelligent Electronic Dance Music, and those who long to be a part of something more substantial, who want to make a genuine difference, who truly want to elevate, connect with themselves, others and Nature through the Music, have an unforgettable experience while doing it, and who believe - as we do -

in the Music as a catalyst for authentic change.





It's time for a different kind of Dance Music Festival to grow roots here...
A Festival that vibrates on a higher frequency and that will alter the festival landscape

and our world

for the better.

It’s #TimeIVchange. 

It’s time to #rethinkfestivalimpact.

It's time to Believe in Fantasy

and change our reality.

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festival details

Festival Inception + Production:




Erika Patten ●

Earic Patten ("Ultraworld" - Strictly Rhythm) ●


Name of Event:

Elektrik Fantasy IV: Dark Magick Seas MasqueRave benefit

Planned Date and Time of Event:

2021 - Saturday Oct. 30th - Oct. 31st Halloween

Planned Location (UNRELEASED):

2022 - Sorry, we can't reveal it to you just yet, but it's close to Miami

"Fantasy Island"

Estimated Attendance:

Min. 2,000


500,000+ live stream viewers and global radio listeners


Length of Donated Performance:

90 - 180 minutes

Ticket Sales:

online and hard copy

proceeds support social + environmental change

healthy oceans, clean beaches, marine life conservation

and renewable energy advocacy in Florida

through The Fantasy Foundation

Festival Growth:

2013 - 2015, 600 - 1,200

Festival History

Culture + Ethos

Past Artists:

2013 - Earic Patten + local support

2014 - Saeed Younan, The Socialytes, Earic Patten + local support

2015 - Stonebridge, George Acosta, The Socialytes, Earic Patten, Sabeel Chohan + local support


"Power in Unity" approach

Local and Global Radio

Social Media


Street Team

Festival Partners

Media Partners

Affiliate Program

Local Businesses

Our Partnering Host City

Supporting Environmental Nonprofits

Music Festival and Environmental Blogs and Sites

Participating Vendors

Participating Performing Artists


Fans + Followers



Our Socials:


Facebook : IG : Site

EMRG / Elektrik Metro Radio Global

Facebook : IG : Station

Elektrik Fantasy

Facebook : IG : Site

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if you're down to donate a set IN THE NAME OF THE ONLY DANCE FLOOR THAT MATTERS:
you're on board with
a #realplasticfreedjbooth
please fill out our artist form below
In keeping with our sustainable mission, and making sure our artists are in alignment with the cause, it is important to discuss travel.
While we typically fund for artist RT flight only, 1 room/2 nights lodging, we highly encourage ground travel over air travel because of its damaging impact on our environment. To maintain this standard, and to help offset your donated set, our team is willing to assist yours and utilize our promoter contacts in booking other U.S. dates within 2 weeks prior to Elektrik Fantasy IV, outside a 100 mile radius of our location.
Also, all contracted performing artists must abide by festival sustainability standards and reasonable non-compete clause.

Thanks to our friends and collaborators at Electronic Music Alliance, we even have some suggestions on how to "Green Your Rider" for Elektrik Fantasy IV and decide to carry the positive changes with you for all your future performances and inspire others.

Please complete our form at your earliest convenience so we may ensure your costs are fundable.
Further discussions are welcomed.
: : : : : : :
or to schedule face time with elektrikeventz Directors

Thank you for your interest in donating your set in the name of social and environmental change. An ElektrikEventz representative will respond shortly.


YOU are the music makers.

This also means YOU are the change makers.

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